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Charmsukh Live Streaming || Ullu Web Series || Hindi || Trailer Review If a husband sees his wife sparring with an hour, what will happen, the husband will definitely want to kill her, but in this series, the husband is enjoying watching his wife romancing with another man, So in the trailer you will see that a new couple is getting married but the husband had hidden cameras in his entire room. First, he records his and his wife's romance video in the camera on the day of honeymoon, then he used to take her to his shop and have fun and he used to enjoy watching his wife's video record every day like this. But Ekdi a banda is at his shop and makes some deal with him then that banda reaches his house where his wife is alone and v banda tells him I have come to give you your husband's money and talk hey I used to get caught and then his wife used to romance with him, whose full video was showing in his shop, which was having a lot of fun watching it. And this banda goes home and tells his wife that there are cameras in the house, have you made a lot of ruckus with Suraj, who hears that his wife is shocked for once but her husband then tells her that I am similar to you. Watching romance videos with new people means that this story is going to a different level. If we had seen the web series of our characters, then we would get to see a similar story here too, that too a husband had put a camera in his entire house and was enjoying watching his wife doing it with each other. Talking about the last, Muskan Aggarwal will once again be seen showing his charm in this series, and this web series is being released on 12th November, its trailer has been liked by the people and the public has a lot of fun watching such strange stories. Will come.  

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